Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Entirely Honest

So I wasn't being entirely honest with you yesterday.  If I'm going to be true to the title up above, there should really be a #6 on my goals for 2012.

#6  Put myself first more often.  I don't mean being selfish.  I mean taking time to eat right, being more diligent about exercising, overall just building my confidence in myself.

I used to have this down pat, but somewhere along the way I lost my footing.  I started vegging out a little too much, enjoying sweets a little too much, and avoiding cameras like a celebrity who has a baby bump to hide.  I have clothes galore that don't fit me.  I work in health and wellness but I haven't been living the lifestyle.  Times are gonna change.  I deserve more.  I deserve to make myself and my health more of a priority.

I had to search long and hard to find a somewhat recent picture(s) of myself.  Here are three from October 2011.  I'm sure I could have found ones that were more flattering but if you look above I did say this blog would be "where I share entirely too much." I'm being honest this time with the resolutions, verbally and visually.

Sitting on the "Friends" couch at the WB studio

Roswell Ghost Tour with skinny friends. Barf!

Tweet, Tweet!  Twitter for Halloween

So for 2012, I'm going to work on being better to myself.  Getting up and moving a little more, making better food choices, and standing a little taller.  Maybe get back to feeling like I did in these pictures!

At Kenneland for a friend's wedding!

Christmas Party 2008
My March adventure should help with this goal.  I'm doing my first 5k, the Color Run!  Stay tuned for details on how that goes...

Well, I need to go throw up for posting this much about myself and including pictures!


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  1. I <3 you Loo! Way to be brave and put this all out there. Go get it gurrrrrl.


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