Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goals vs. Resolutions

To me the word resolutions has a "I'm never going to do this" connotation to it.  Goals seem doable, more action oriented.  Maybe I like goals better as they seem like things to cross off on a list.  I mean who doesn't love crossing off a task on a sticky note.  

First, let me take you down memory lane for 2011.  Last year I really only set one goal... learn how to decorate cakes.  I did pretty well at it.  I took a Wilton's beginners course at JoAnn's (I love JoAnn's; as you'll soon learn) and was really happy with what I learned.  Too bad my travel schedule for work didn't allow me to take any more courses.

My 1st cake
Now this is definitely not the cake I'm most proud to call my own.  I personally love the cakes and cupcakes I did for my niece and nephew!  Those cupcakes were so much fun to decorate!

Learn to do basic cake decorating   Felt good to cross that off!

That was last year, this year I'm being more ambitious!  Here are my 2012 Goals...(insert drumroll)
  1. Start a blog!-- as you can see this one is underway
  2. Make a quilt-- first must learn how to sew & maybe some quilting basics, they seem to be necessities. 
  3. Find more single peeps- nothing against my wonderful married friends, but I need some other singles in my life! 
  4. Learn to knit- everyone seems to be doing it and I certainly don't want to be left out.
  5. Be more adventurous- I'm thinking of making this a monthly thing and I already have something for a January post!
Most bloggers did this type of post during the first week of the year.   I'm a little late but hey, this blog is one of my goals!  

Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. Aww how swweet! I started a blog some time ago, but no one ever read it so I took it down:(

    Maybe one day I will try again. But for now, you can cross this off your list.

    I did come across a great website, 43 things that people list their "bucket List" items and connect with other people who are also doing / completed those goals. Really cool!


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