Saturday, January 28, 2012

Princesses Sophia Grace & Rosie

I adore these two little girls.  I could watch them over and over.  I love their enthusiasm and excitement over anything and everything.   Why does that childish excitement dissipate as we grow older?

Here they are wishing Ellen a Happy Birthday! You can't help but smile while watching them!

Some of their clips have been viewed close to 30 million times!
Video Source: Youtube

Anyone else adore these two girls as much as I do? Everybody needs a "hype girl" who's yours?  I know I can't imagine not having my "hype girls" in my life!


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  1. They both are completely adorable. I love to see them together. However, when I first saw sophia sing super bass I was appalled--I'm sorry, Niki Minaj is not what I call an age appropriate artist for these two.


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