Thursday, January 26, 2012

Somebody's type, just not mine!

Well, I was asked out today. Before you get excited, let me set the stage.  He's 40+, a bit of a gut, minimal education, and he sports a comb over.  Somebody's type, just not mine.

The most famous comb over, "The Donald"
(Source- Google Search: Comb Over)

One that closely resembles the guy I'm referring to in so many ways!
(Source- Google search: Comb Over )

I imagine only people I know are currently reading this blog so far, but just in case.  I do live my rents.  I travel quite a bit for work so it makes sense.  January is about the only month in the past 2 years that I haven't had any work travel.  Of course, my parents would choose to have their bath redone during this time frame.  As I work at home when not traveling, I got the pleasure of spending ALL day with the tiler and his seemingly mute son (20-ish).  Literally, did not hear him say a word, a grunt, or a sigh for three whole weeks!

His father, however, was chatty.  He didn't stop with creepy comments.

The past three weeks have been filled with awkward phrases, long gazes, and just overall creepiness.  On more than one occasion he states "You really take care of your teeth"& while looking at family photos, "Who's this beautiful blonde, she sure is pretty"(referring to me).  Or this random statement, "My birthday is on a Saturday this year."  Didn't say this Saturday, just a Saturday.

Today was the icing on the cake.  At this point the teeth comment and family photo ones are an everyday norm.  While sitting in the kitchen I catch him staring at me, I look up and just kind of jester- um, ya...  He proceeds to say what beautiful hair I have, all while sitting beside my father!  In a bit he sits in the chair beside me to write out the receipt.  During this process he asks "How do I spell your last name?" My last name is a common one, one I never get asked to spell for people.  Creepster continues, by asking my address.  Now I didn't say the state, figured that would be assumed.  Nope.  He wants to confirm what state we are in.  Geez Louise!

And finally, "I'm having a party in May, you should come"- please remember it's currently JANUARY!  Needless to say, he left dateless. But, on the bright side he still has 5+ months to find a +1!

Thank you Jesus, he is finished with the project!  His tile work is great, but his moves are not.

The search for Mr. Right continues...



  1. Aww, mean you don't like comb overs?
    I don't know though....I think if Donald Trump asked you out, you would take him up on it ONCE just to see what kind of date he would come up with and how much it cost. You might even get to ride in his private jet! Hahaa!

    By the have a mighty pretty mouth.

  2. Absolutely cannot stop laughing. There are so many things wrong with Combover Man. Oh my gracious, and he knows where you live! Ahhh! My most fav line was "my birthday is on a Saturday this year". I can't get over it. Ha!


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