Monday, January 30, 2012

Step Stool for My Nephew

Yesterday I mentioned making my nephew a Christmas gift as well.  I mean, I can't leave him out of the homemade gift pile.

Mason was probably pretty happy he didn't a pillow. Instead, I made him (well, painted) a stool for him.  The step stool was purchased at my local Michael's.  First, I did my best to sand it really well.  Don't want him to get splinters in his toes or tush.  I applied a couple coats of navy paint and then created the "M" with painter's tape.

I tried printing an "M" from my computer as a template, but couldn't get it how I wanted so I just started from scratch with some tape.  After, removing the tape I applied a couple coats of clear varnish to seal the paint.

He was probably about 2 at the time he got this last Christmas.  Did I mention he's a cutie pie?

This would also be the Christmas "Santa" decorated our tree with undies for every member of the family.  Santa was awfully good to us, well that is if you like "granny panties!"

Dad, er Santa, likes to be mischievous at our house.  


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