Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Adventure

My first experience zip lining was fun, but it wasn't quite what I had expected.  You see, I love things that get my adrenaline pumping.  I love the nervousness before the dive and I guess my expectations were a little high.  This zip experience fell a little short in my opinion.

When a co-worker heard that I wanted to do at least one adventurous thing each month and that zip lining was on my list, she mentioned Louisville Mega Cavern.  She went with her mom this summer and "it's so scary, I couldn't do it again."  Immediately, I'm thinking "Sign me up!  I'm going the next time I travel there" (which with my work is often).

This past week I traveled to Louisville and set my sights on zip lining.  The place is amazing- it's 100 acres of underground caverns previously used for mining limestone.  The city of Louisville literally sits on top of it.  It opened this past summer and it seems most people that live in Louisville haven't heard about it.  So to get you acquainted with the place here are some interesting facts about Mega Caverns:
  • Goes under all 10 lanes of the Watterson Expressway
  • Considered the largest building in the state of Kentucky
  • The cavern is privately owned
  • It was mined from the 1930's until the early 70's
  • With a constant temperature of 58 degrees, it's really perfect any time of year.  
  • It's the largest recycling center in the state
  • Took 7 years to get the underground building permit
  • At Christmas you can drive through to see a light display

Now onto some pictures of my excursion.  There are 5 zips and three bridges you pass over.  In my group we had 5 people (it was suppose to be 6, but one of my co-workers bailed on me, booo!).  It took us a little over an hour to complete.  I was super thankful no one in my group was a scaredy cat!

Here's the outside as you drive up...

On the "shuttle" to go further unto the cavern where the zip lines are located...

Loved the ambiance of the cavern, fun lights and music as you zip...

Here I am at "Zipline to Hell"...

The last bridge to cross over before the last zip...

The second zip was definitely my favorite.  You cross over to two "valley-like" areas (ya, I don't remember the technical name).  If you jump off the landing area you bounce as you zip- definitely a must do.  Makes for a fun ride!  Overall, I had a blast but would want to do a more heart pounding course the next time I decide to zip!

Coming up in March...

Well it's TBD... seems lots of people wanted to do The Color Run and it's full.  I need some new ideas for March!  I'm all ears for something adventurous!  What's your thought?




  1. Beth didn't say where to comment, but I'm here to enter her contest. My favorite shade is Mango Tango.

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