Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Find: Pimms Cup!

While on a work trip to New Orleans a few years ago, I decided to stop into Napoleon's for a meal. The  atmosphere was fun, the food was eh, but my drink was A-mazing!!  The Pimm's Cup is their signature concoction.

It's incredibly simple to make, just not always easy to find a bar or restaurant that carries Pimm's No. 1 unfortunately. (Almost all liquor stores carry it)


This site has some fun ways to add a little extra flavor to the drink and some other ways to use Pimm's.  Personally, I find the cucumber to be quite crucial to this drink, but it's probably more of a mental thing.


If you've never had or in most cases never even heard of a Pimm's Cup you need to try one.  It's a great summer drink, not too sweet, just light and refreshing! It feel like spring here in Atlanta and now I'm itching for one of these.  Good thing it's Friday!

What's your favorite drink?


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