Thursday, February 2, 2012

Live with Kelly & ?????

One of the perks of working at home, when I'm not traveling, is that I can have the tv on while I do my work.  And man, do I love me some Kelly Ripa!

 & ?

Supposedly, the BIG co-host announcement is coming Friday (pretty much today as I wrote this post)

My dad's vote is "the one who played that dr when he was a kid" aka Neil Patrick Harris, NPH.

I also love him, but I've also loved quite a few of the men who've sat beside her, two others in particular...

Josh Groban (mom would love for me & him to marry & make lots of babies).  I love his music and he's surprisingly funny on Twitter (@joshgroban) and with Kelly.  Now I highly doubt he would ever be a permanent co-host, but a girl can dream!

Rob Lowe they seem to have a good connection and I heard rumors after he was on that he was the frontrunner.

So who's it NOT going be?

Dana Carvey.  I would quit watching if it was him, I mean I did for the TWO days he was on.

Jerry Seinfeld. Although, my co-worker Emily loved him.  Jerry just didn't do it for me.

I think we can all agree that it's not going to be a female.  I mean Kathy Lee and Hoda barely work (sorry to anyone that loves them).

I would happily stare at my computer if any of my picks were chosen, who's your pick?


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  1. Ahhh! I can't wait of he announcement! I just told my hubby they would be making the announcement today and he asked "is that the highlight of your morning?" To which I replied "ummm... Yes" (obviously, with no shame)! :) I still like Jerry, but I'd be really, really happy with NPH (although I'm not holding my breath)!


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