Saturday, March 31, 2012

March's Adventure Pt. 2

Today was a great day!  I did the Color Run and it was as awesome as the website says it will be!  I originally had wanted to register and participate, but the Atlanta Color Run quickly sold out.  Thankfully, a friend of a friend had to go wedding dress shopping and I was lucky enough to snag her bib.

Their advertised order...

The premise of the run is that at each kilometer you get doused with paint (it's dry).  Now the chart above is what the website promotes, but that's not quite what we experienced today- totally not a big deal!   Let me give you a play by play as Laura and I decided to take pictures after each color, oh so happy we did.

Gotta have a before shot!

Laura and I after the first color station:  YELLOW

Next up, GREEN!  One of the girls throwing the color got a little happy and threw it in my face.  The stuff doesn't taste so good and also doesn't feel good in the eyes, but I survived!  Note to others, wear sunglasses or goggles.

Station 3, PINK!

The last real station:  PURPLE!

Now the final color station/finish line wasn't quite what we were expecting.  The actual finish line was a bit anti-climatic.  I think we had envisioned another color station, but bigger.  It was not.  You basically walked (as it was backed up) through and ta-da that was it.  However, there was an area set up where you threw the last bag of paint on your self.  Here's what we looked like after we took part in that!

Here's Laura offering me water.  Note, it wasn't to quench our thirst.  It was more to swish around and get all of the gross chalk-like paint out of our mouths.  

The final color station where you throw your own bag up in the air!  People with blowers were around in different areas to help blow off the excess paint.  It didn't really help all that much, but Laura and I were Girl Scouts and came prepared with garbage bags to put over her seats and a change of clothes.  Now we might or might not have changed our clothes in the middle of a driveway half-way hidden by some bushes.

How did I take these photos while getting paint all over me?  I used my iPhone to take all of the pictures and used my sports bra to house it during the run.  It's case now tye-dyed and serves as a memory of the event but the actual phone wasn't harmed at all!  Thank you Jesus!

The picture below was taken as we were leaving, it's cloudy from the paint on my camera lens (no worries, the paint came off).    There were over 10,000 people participating in the event!  Thank goodness we somehow managed to get into the 2nd heat.  We had places to be, like a fabulous lunch with awesome friends.

The Color Run was a ton of fun.  Although, after two showers, washing my face countless times, and washing my hair three times I still have evidence of the run left on me.  Darn that pink!  I just need it to be gone by Monday when I have meetings with some clients.

If it comes to a city near you I definitely recommend you partaking!  I'm actually thinking about doing the one in Charlotte with some peeps!  Don't expect to race, it's a leisurely run/walk kinda thing.  No chips to time your speed to worry about.  The color stations got backed up so you had to sometimes stand in line, but as a non-runner I was ok with that.  This run did help me get some extra motivation to get my boot-tay back in shape!  Thanks, Laura for staying with my slow ass!

If you did the Color Run, what were your thoughts?



  1. haha!!! looks like great fun, cannot wait until Orlando run. Great tip about the photos and car seats afterwards.

  2. So thats where all the pics ended up?! LOVE U!


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