Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Week of Retirement

I know some of you out there are worried that I died or something.  No worries. I'm alive and doing pretty well.  I've been enjoying my week between jobs or as my grandmother likes to call it, my week of retirement!

I started out the week in true retirement style.  Spent Monday morning refreshing my knitting skills and my afternoon quilting.  You would think I'm actually receiving social security and Medicare.  Sadly, I am not.  I think I'd be more into knitting if we actually had a need for knitted items here in Atlanta.  But as I type this it's over 80 degrees.  I need to find my summer clothes and work more on losing this winter weight.

Tuesday started off with me acting a little closer to my age. I slept late, shopped, opened a new checking account, worked out, and dinner with my mom at one of my favorite restaurants (Henry's).  This is what a week off should consist of!

Onto the highlight of my week: Wednesday.  When I made a dish that I have been wanting to make for forever!  Creme Brulee!  I bought the needed blow torch during Tuesday's shopping trip.  I couldn't wait to make all my dreams come true.  I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe that I had previously pinned.  In true to her form, it was DELICIOUS and using the blow torch was fun!  I now want to make things just so I can use it more often.

To go with the best dessert ever, I decided to make another pinned recipe: Angel Chicken.  While I'm not a huge mushroom fan.  I have to admit it was pretty amazing.  The chicken was so moist and tender it fell apart without the help of a knife.  Definitely a dish I would make again and again.  Did I mention it's probably the easiest dish to make as well, crockpot all the way!

Now unfortunately, Thursday was more of a true adult day.  It consisted of way too many things car related: oil change, tires rotated, balanced, cleaned and vacuumed.  Ugh, the fun of being an adult!  Why do I not live somewhere where a car is not needed?

Today has been a hit or miss kind of day.  I spent the evening looking for some new work clothes, now that I am RID of the horrid uniform!  Woohoo, but dang there aren't many sales going on.  One sweet deal I got was on this dress for Easter/work- 50% off!


Sorry I've been MIA this week, as you can see I've been a little busy enjoying my retirement.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me and then I'm starting new JOB!  Say a prayer for me!



  1. So excited to hear all about your new adventures in the coming weeks! Love that dress! Too cute!

  2. You had to wear a horrid uniform?

    1. Girl, you know they are horrid. You have a whole fb album dedicated to them!


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