Monday, March 5, 2012

Tablecloth to Curtains

As I'm working on my 2012 goals, I'm trying to keep up my sewing skills that I learned back in January.  My bathroom window has been in some dire need of curtains of some sort.  I wanted to introduce a pattern as it's pretty white, gray, and blue in there.  Something to liven up the small space.  If you remember I recently added some mirrors that did a little DIY project on!

Here you can see the pattern!  Just what the space needed!

My mom trying to help me figure out measurements!

After hunting online I just wasn't happy with anything out there.  Low and behold, my beloved Target had a table cloth in just the right colors on clearance!  It was meant to be.

I didn't do very good at remembering to take pictures as the project progressed and honestly, I don't even remember what the steps were at this point.  I just know that I wanted some box pleats in the curtain and I figured out how.  

There's definitely room for improvement, but isn't there always!

Glad I got back to the sewing machine!  I've got small project up my sleeve, but I just need some ribbon to finish it out!

Happy Monday!


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