Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monthly Adventures

I'm starting to lose my mojo when it comes to monthly adventures.  I had such high hopes of really pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

January: Classes Galore (Sewing, Quilting, & Knitting)
February: Underground Zip lining
March: New Job! & My 1st 5k- The Color Run
April: Tennis Lessons
May: Ziplining in Gatlinburg & starting the home buying process
June: Buying a HOME!
July: ????- I slacked!
August: I have something in mind, but won't be sharing it until September....

I'd love some ideas on things to fill up September through December!  They don't necessarily have to be physically adventurous items, but just things that push the envelope.

Ready, set, leave me some ideas!


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  1. I keep coming back to see what you have been doing but no updates! Whatssup????


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