Monday, October 1, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

Seems I'm always slacking these days on updating this.  To those of you who actually read this (Mom and Kristen) this is for you!

A while back I found these pillows at Z Gallerie.  Loved the colors- some pink, some teal, mustard, coral, tan, cream- what's not to love?  Oh ya!  Their price of $70 a piece!

So after much perusing to try and find something I liked better, I came across the exact same fabric at Calico Corners.  I ended up getting enough fabric to make the pillows, recover my dining chairs, and make some coordinating pillows- well I have to buy inserts for those first but eventually!

There's still a lot lacking, like curtains, a rug, a tv from this century, pictures, but well it all takes time!



  1. THANK YOU FOR UPDATING THIS!!! Your pillows did turn out really well.

  2. I saw your pillows when we were there last week. They looked great on the couch! I need to make some to match our ottoman now. :)


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